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Innoferr Ltd. (“Innoferr”) is a privately owned company based in Cyprus, a member state of the European Union. Innoferr is engaged in production, marketing, distribution and sale of products in the diagnostic field and has recently concluded all steps necessary in order to enable large scale commercialisation of leading, innovative, technology and products used for early diagnosis and monitoring of toxic iron in the serum or plasma. The technology has been available since the early 2000s and has since received peer review and acceptance by experts and opinion leaders in the field. Innoferr has received CE accreditation for the above-mentioned product. By introducing this breakthrough technology and products on a large scale basis Innoferr is now in a position to enhance patient care and provide long term cost reduction in patient management.
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1988, Saint Petersburg, Russia, Mother, first Snow, leaning on a Birch tree, 1994, Qiryat Gat, Israel, first day at school, slap, Mother, first Love, dancing, changing school, second Love, still dancing, 2000, changing city, Karmiel, changing school again, then again, military uniform, third Love, Mother, 2006, last day at school, Mother, tears, fireworks, army, 2007, Toronto, Canada, virgin state of mind, back Home, questions, Father, fourth Love, Canon 450D , fifth Love, light, inspiration, path, Mother, 2010, Wizo Design Academy, Haifa, Photography, gratitude, Home, passion, virgin state of mind, changes, vibrations, sixth Love, self portraits, analogue, Zenit, Music, 2011, seventh love, self portraits, self portraits, self portraits, family, Mother, Mother, Mother, Emptiness, Spaces, Puzzles, Reflections, Mother, eighth love, answers, gratitude, I'm here.
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